The Waterfall called “Chorro El Macho” is the signature trail of the Canopy Adventure and one of the main attractions in El Valle. In less than one hour to complete this rather easy loop trail, you will be astounded by the complexity of this piece of Panamanian cloud forest and amazed at the biodiversity that is at your fingertips.

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Located one hour from any beach hotel, 600 meters above sea level, located in the crater of an extinct volcano Anton Valley welcomes us.

El Macho Waterfall,  the careful observer may spy a sedentary sloth, a tamarin monkey or other rainforest mammal scurrying through the undergrowth or running down a branch. Morpho butterflies and their Lepidopteran cousins are here by the hundreds, exciting any hardcore butterfly or moth enthusiast.

Botanists will be thrilled by the sheer number of species, many in bloom year-round, hanging over the trail. The main attraction is of course, the birds. A good pair of binoculars and a camera would complete your experience for this outstanding trail designed for the entire family!

El Valle is home to one of Panama’s largest handicrafts market. You can found and buy a variety of handicrafts to sell to tourists (most of whom are Panamanians from the capital). If you’re self-catering, the market also stocks a good selection of fresh produce from around the country. Sunday is the busiest day.
A popular item sold here is the batea, a tray carved from a local hardwood and used by the Ngöbe-Buglé people for tossing rice and corn. You can also find figurines, colorful baskets woven from palms, gourds painted in brilliant colors, Panama hats and bamboo birdcages.


  • Ground Transportation,
  • Entrance
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments.

Recommendations: Passport, insect repellent, light clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hat and camera.