Canopy Adventure

Canopy Adventure is located in a beautiful valley (El Valle) not far from Panama City, the capital city of Panama. This exciting new ecotourism opportunity allows visitors to enter and explore the rain forest canopy using safe modern climbing techniques.

After an invigorating short climb to the top of the ridge through a bird-rich forest, you strap in and soar through the treetops, where you see a wealth of unexpected natural beauty and activity. Swooping from platform to platform high among the sturdy cloud forest trees, you pass over the stream and waterfall not once, but twice.

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Located around the impressive waterfall known as Chorro El Macho, you’ll ascend to the canopy where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. The canopy tour has different travel distances from 100m to over 300m in length and from a few meters above the ground to about 50m above the ground. At the end of our tour, we have lunch and a visit to the Valley Craft Market.

Like a bird, “fly” through the treetops at the Canopy Adventure!

The Canopy Adventure zip-line is a fun and exhilerating activity where you can enjoy the sense of adventure and outstanding nature around you! Four cables of different styles will soar you through the upper levels of the cloud forest covered hills of El Valle de Anton. In addition to the excitement of being up in the trees, the zip-line will also take you over the largest waterfall in the area, Chorro El Macho, not just once, twice! You can even take a short break over the waterfall to watch the spectacular cascade below your dangling feet. It is an adventure not to be missed


  • Ground transportation
  • Instructors
  • Safety equipment
  • Refreshments

Recommended: Shorts, sneakers or wet shoes, insect repellent, hat and sunglasses.

Minimum age: 12 years

Maximum weight: 200 pounds per person